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Discover the magic of programmatic media buying. 

We’ve made the big agency technology & inventory affordable for small businesses frustrated with the rising costs of digital media. 

Programmatic is exploding

$ 1

was spent with programmatic media in 2017 and is expected to grow to $45 billion by 2019.

1 %
of media buying professionals

of media-buying professionals who are increasing spend on programmatic TV in the next six months said the main benefit is reaching a more targeted audience

1 %
of digital display dollars

transacted programmatically in 2017. More than half of US digital video ad dollars are traded via automation

What is programmatic RTB?

1. Efficiency

Streamlines the buying and selling process, reducing media costs. 

2. Targeting

Use of 1st and 3rd party data to accurately reach your target audience with scale. 

3. Transparency

Allows for real time viewability of placement, results and spend. 

4. Real-Time Optimization

Enables campaign creation and optimization on the fly. 

5. Control

Manage and own execution including the real-time optimization of campaigns. 

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Why try programmatic?

Rising Costs

Small businesses are getting hammered by changes to the Facebook ad platform and competition is rising on Adwords.

We’ve reduced costs up to 80% vs. Facebook & Google. 

Intender Data

Thousands of data points from 80 major providers available to find people who are likely to be in the market for your product. 

Due to the recent data scandal at Facebook, they are scaling back their already limited options.

More creative options

HTML5 animations, videos, iAB sizes — enjoy more flexibility than stringent guidelines on proprietary platforms. 

No more “20% text rules” or approval processes. 

What industries are best for programmatic?

Example targeting options by industry

Auto Dealerships

  • Recent visits to dealerships
  • Visits to car brand websites
  • Prefers lease or loan
  • Good or bad credit
  • Age of car
  • Current vehicle type
  • Auto club memberships 


  • Likely donors
  • Donor categories (Environmental, political, religious, etc.) 
  • High net worth individuals
  • Volunteerism

Retail & E-Commerce

  • Recent visits by store type
  • Visits to specific brand stores
  • Lifestyles
  • Life Stages (wedding planning, new parents, recently moved) 
  • Seasonal (Back to school shoppers, tax prep, Thanksgiving Chefs, Gardeners, etc.) 
  • Event planning (Housewarming, Mardi Gras Party, Birthday party, etc.)
  • Shopping intenders (Bedding, electronics, fashion, jewelry, etc.) 
  • Restaurant visits (QSR, fast food, etc.) 


  • Party affiliation
  • Issue focus (2nd amendment, recreational drug legalization, animal rights, environmentalists, military & veterans, abortion, marriage equality, affordable care act, etc.)
  • Likely donors
  • High net worth individuals
  • Demographics & geo (Age, ethnicity, voting district, etc.) 


  • Travel intenders (Business travelers, cruise, exotic, family vacation, international, leisure, flight search, hotel search, Las Vegas, etc.) 
  • Activities: (Amusement parks, beach, biking, boating, camping, casino, culinary, eco-travel, culinary, fishing, golfing, museums, nightlife, winery / brewery tours, zoo, etc.) 

Food & Grocery

  • Ingredient intenders (based on recipe searches) 
  • Party planning (Upcoming birthday, tailgating, baby shower, etc.) 
  • Home cooks and food enthusiasts
  • Diets (Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, etc.) 
  • Cuisine (Asian, Hispanic, Italian, etc.) 
  • Lifestyle (Busy moms, bakers, etc.) 


  • Business category
  • Job titles
  • Major purchase intenders (equipment, HR, IT, software, services, etc.) 
  • Company data (Size, revenue, newly formed business, small business owners)

Financial Services

  • Net worth (Wealthiest Americans, high net worth, accredited investor, estate planning, etc.) 
  • Investment style: (Active traders, commodities & futures, stocks & bonds, etc.)
  • Investment type: (Angel, crowdfunding, hedge fund, joint venture, oil & gas, real estate, retirement planning, speculative, stock market, etc.) 
  • Intenders: (Auto buying, banking services, college financing, financial planning, insurance, investment services, lending services, loans, mortgages.) 

Health & Wellness

  • Insurance status & provider type
  • Alternative wellness affinity
  • Works in healthcare
  • Fitness types: Weight loss, women’s health, senior health, child health, attends gym, plays sports, etc.) 

About Us

We’re a spin off of Marketing General Contractors, a full-service marketing and creative collective based in Gainesville, Florida. We manage a global talent network.  for a variety of growing clients. After realizing the number one struggle of our clients was the rising costs, diminishing effectiveness and frustrations of navigating increasingly limited Google and Facebook ad inventory we decided to take action. Simultaneously, we also discovered many of the big agency tools that powered programmatic media that used to cost $15K a month just to license had come down to more reasonable levels, we began offering programmatic media to small business clients. 


1 %

in media spend efficiency for a major hospital.

1 %

in time on site for a major university’s Executive MBA program. 

1 %

in cars sold over previous month using contextual targeting for a major auto dealership.

To view our case studies and hear more about our results, please contact us below: 

Our Data Partners

Fresh Ideas from Data

In addition to the huge quantity of targeting options we get from our data partners, we are also capable of analyzing your traffic and customer lists for additional insights that can lead to all sorts of breakthroughs. 

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